Older adults

Living with Dementia – Carers’ Involvement Group

User and Carer Involvement are always happy to welcome new members to our Carers’ Involvement Group. This group has been meeting for several years and as well as providing much needed peer support and expertise, is also able to contribute important input to local and national policy and practice.

The group has made significant contributions to the “This Is Me” document currently in use in NHS settings, the development and Training of Dementia Champions, the development of Dumfries and Galloway’s Dementia Standards Assurance Framework and many other national Policies.


Creating Dementia Friendly Communities

UCI are partners with Alzheimer Scotland, the local Council and NHS and Scottish Care in a project aimed at “Creating a Dementia Friendly Community” in Dumfries and Galloway. The overall aim of the project is to ensure that wherever a person affected by Dementia lives in Dumfries and Galloway, and whatever the persons’ background or circumstances, they can live in an enabling and supportive community and feel valued and understood.

Our region comprises many remote and rural communities which creates some unique challenges to inclusion. UCI will be aiming to ensure that people affected by Dementia who are situated in harder to reach places or communities, such as care homes, are included.

This is a three year project running until 2017, which is funded by the Life Changes Trust, www.lifechangestrust.org.uk , and as such we are part of a Scotland wide network of projects.


Older Adults – Adults with Incapacity Project

User and Carer Involvement provide discreet support and guidance on matters related to the Adults with Incapacity Act, as it relates to safeguarding the future wishes of those we care for. Our services include ongoing one to one or family support and guidance on Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and Guardianships. Whether you are living with Dementia, caring for or concerned about a loved one, or wanting to ensure that the future is well planned, UCI are here to help, in confidence. This work is funded through D&G Area Committee’s and the NHS.


Commitment 11

Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy

UCI have been commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway NHS to help people living with progressed Dementia and their Carers to describe their experience of using NHS hospital specialist services. Our work will help improve the quality and development of such care.

Commitment 11 of the Dementia Strategy says that NHS Boards will “set out plans for extending the work on quality of care in general hospitals to other hospitals and NHS setting” and the Mental Welfare Commission report on “Dignity and Respect” said that “we found that many people were receiving good quality care in a suitable environment, we also found units where the care/environment were poor, and where the rights and dignity of people with dementia were not adequately respected. We were disappointed that too many people with dementia were not receiving care which met acceptable standards.

Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board are part of the Quality and Excellence in Dementia Care Project, and UCI direct consultation with Users and Carers is aimed at informing their project from the users’ perspective.



UCI are always looking for people who are interested in volunteering and getting involved with its work. Such contributions are invaluable as our main function is to make sure that the voices of older people who use services in Dumfries and Galloway are heard clearly and independently, and help make those services better and more person centred.

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