User and Carer Involvement (UCI)

We are Recruiting

UCI is seeking a Project Worker to continue the work that has been achieved so far. 18 month Project - 16 hours per week. Some evening work may be required. Salary: £10,276 per annum.

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UCI Annual Report 2015

It seems like no time since we were compiling last year’s   annual report and, as usual, it has been a very busy year for UCI. We have continued to be involved in a large number of consultations, and have provided a great deal of essential information to service users and Carers in the region, and all our staff have made great contributions in their respective fields. - Marian Pagan, UCI Chair.

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Creating a Fairer Scotland - Planning Events

Have your say at a Fairer Scotland Planning Event. The Scottish Government is inviting you to have your say on what a Fairer Scotland should look like in 2030, and what should be done to make this vision a reality.

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