User and Carer Involvement (UCI)

Mental health problems at work

All in the Mind on Radio 4 last night discusses disclosing mental health problems at work. Listen here.  

Money and Mental Health

In 2011 the mental health charity 'Mind' and RBS produced research exploring the relationship between money management and mental health. They have published a guide to help people with a metal illness manage their finances. Read more.

People with dementia short changed out of £100 million

Alzheimer Scotland publish report 'Short changed: Protecting people with dementia from financial abuse', which calls for people with the condition to be better protected. Read more.

Scottish Mental Health Service User Research Network Conference

Stirling, 14 February. Contact

Stan Collymore was a very high profile footballer, now radio pundit, talks about his mental health.

Report calls for review of national care standards

The Health and Sport Committee has published its report on the Inquiry into the Regulation of Care for Older People. The report contains a number of key recommendations, including a call for a review of the National Care Standards and improvements to the care services complaints system.

Inequality has risen faster in Britain than in any other rich country.

The OECD report Divided We Stand: Why Inequality Keeps Rising shows that income inequality has risen in almost every major economy. The Spirit Level reported that the most unequal countries do worse on almost every quality of life indicator. They suffer from higher levels of violence, mental illness, obesity and teenage pregnancy, and lower levels of trust, child well-being and happiness.  Read more about the ten key findings.

See me...

See me is coming to Dumfries.

Midpark Hospital Update

Watch the ITV report here.